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Behavioural Based Safety Process

The purpose of a behavioural safety programme is to reduce incidents triggered by unsafe or at risk behaviours. To achieve this, specific behavioural problems are identified by focussing on incidents that result from the interaction between people and their working environment. A number of research studies looking at behavioural safety processes have been undertaken over the last 20 years and all conclude that correctly implemented approaches can be very effective and significantly reduce incidents and injuries. In reality, like other safety management interventions, behavioural safety processes require a concerted effort by ALL to produce desired results . A structured five step management model suitable for all levels of staff in organisations (known as CLEAR) can be used:

  • Clarify the objectives
  • Locate the problems
  • Execute the change strategy
  • Assess the current progress
  • Review and adapt the process

Many companies spend significant time and effort improving safety by addressing hardware issues and installing traditional safety management systems. While these methods produce positive initial results, a plateau of incidents/ injuries typically remain, and most of them are triggered by deeply ingrained unsafe behaviours.

DBR Safety Management Ltd (DBRSM Ltd) design and customise each behavioural safety process to suit each client. We recognise that a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work, simply because each client is different and has different needs. The reason the ATLAS (Always Thinking Looking and Acting Safely) – behavioural safety process developed by the company director can be so effective at injury reduction, is the process, is uniquely different from, and more flexible than, most.

From the outset the scene can be set by;

  1. Obtaining full co-operation of ALL at the very beginning of the process
  2. Creating a genuine ‘safety partnership’ of all employees including management
  3. Involving everybody, ‘whenever and wherever’ we can

The process can be optimised by:

  1. Understanding the clients specific needs
  2. Developing the process to be as user friendly as possible
  3. Seeking everyone’s approval of behaviours to be observed
  4. Encouraging the setting of own improvement targets
Safe Systems of Work

DBRSM Ltd can provide you with bespoke packages for a number of SSOWs including risk assessments, method statements, toolbox talks, etc.

In addition DBRSM Ltd design and produce Permit to Work and Confined Space Entry systems, to comply with relevant statutory regulations. These can all be tailored to satisfy each individual client’s business requirements. Training on all aspects of the above can also be provided.

OSHAS 18001- Safety Management System

If you are seeking a way of demonstrating to your customers, suppliers and staff that you take your Health and Safety responsibilities seriously, with the added bonus of possibly securing you more business, then let DBRSM Ltd. develop a complete occupational H&S management system, providing you with a framework to help you comply with your legal Health and Safety requirements. When in place, businesses could then apply for registration to the OSHAS 18001 – Safety management system standard.

For clients, with an already complete management system, DBRSM Ltd can assist you with an initial gap analysis, and stage 1 & 2 assessment requirements prior to OSHAS 18001 registration . Management training can also be provided.

Fire Safety

DBRSM Ltd can provide you with all of the necessary information to satisfy the requirements of the Fire Safety Order-2006. These can all be tailored to suit each individual client’s business requirements, and would include;

  1. Creation of Fire Safety Manual
  2. Register of Statutory Inspections within the Fire log book
  3. Provision of Fire Risk assessments and review as required
  4. Advise / assist with control measure needs arising from R/As
  5. Provision of fire action, evacuation and floor plans where necessary
  6. Provision of Emergency plans/ procedures if required
Workplace Transport

DBRSM Ltd can provide practical guidance to assist clients with a wide range of workplace transport needs of small and medium businesses to secure a safe workplace and to comply with required workplace transport safety regulations. This would include safe working procedures, risk assessments, signage etc.

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