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About DBR Safety Management Limited

DBR Safety Management Ltd (DBRSM Ltd) are a company based in the North East of England, providing Health and Safety Consultancy to small and medium businesses. David Brown – Director, is a Health and Safety professional with more than 30 years’ experience in a number of industrial sectors including chemicals, quarrying and manufacturing. His credentials include a Business Certification awarded by Teesside University and a Diploma in Health and Safety Management awarded by The British Safety Council.

Why choose DBRSM Ltd

Many businesses can successfully implement good Health and Safety and Environmental practices themselves. For a lot of small businesses, though, the burden of keeping safety awareness as a priority becomes too great for managers and supervisors who can find themselves too busy with their ‘proper’ job while the company director or owner has tried to delegate everything and has forgotten many of the required responsibilities. This can lead to businesses not even knowing that they have safety issues. Often there is an ignorance of the safety laws, complacency with regard to use of equipment and chemicals, over familiarity of the job and a total lack of safety culture. In small businesses such situations can go undetected, until there is an accident, which could ultimately mean the end of the business, especially if the employer is prosecuted or sued by an employee.

If your business is ‘too busy’ for safety matters you can benefit from engaging DBRSM Ltd. – both to ensure you comply with the law and to also free up management time. As your safety consultancy we will take the time to work with you and all your staff, helping to improve morale, reduce incident frequency, and ultimately saving you money and increasing your profitability, by reducing waste, sickness and other essential resources.

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Contact DBRSM Ltd. to discuss your specific needs and how any of the above safety improvement processes can be applied to your specific workplace environment.

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